Friday, April 22, 2011

Like a Starbucks with Sushi

Imagine grabbing a sushi roll while you pick up your morning coffee from the local cafe. That's not an unusual concept at Macchiato on Collins, where businesspeople sit at the tables and either read the newspaper or work on their laptops while they sip from coffee cups and munch on a "Chilli Squid" sushi roll. Or maybe it's a Spicy Beef roll, or the one that's labeled "Californian" in the glass case. Call it a "Starbucks with Sushi" if you will, for this place is exactly that. In addition to coffee and sushi, Macchiato serves hot chocolate and tea.

Rolls start from as little as A$2.40 for the Vegetarian or Avocado choices (the former has long pieces of inari hanging out which from a distance almost resemble eel; the Avocado roll isn't all vegetarian, since it comes with fish eggs inside). It's A$2.60 for the Californian, Spicy Beef, Chilli Squid or Smoked Salmon rolls, but the eel roll is labeled A$2.70, which makes you wonder why they didn't just make them all one price to make things easier.

For those who want to grab a meal on the go, there are boxes of mixed sushi for A$8.50, or sashimi for A$9.60. Or, order four of your favorite rolls a la carte and have them toss them all in a brown paper bag with those little plastic fish-shaped squeeze-bottles of soy sauce, which is what they do anyway. And don't forget the coffee.

Macchiato on Collins
446 Collins St., Melbourne

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