Saturday, April 2, 2011

All Aboard Sushi Choo

Hop aboard Sushi Choo, a modern and more glamorous take on the sushi train restaurant concept. Located inside the Ivy, Sushi Choo is contemporary both in culinary style and interior design: the white marble counters and enormous red wicker cage-like lanterns beckon you while the menu enticesyou can order "On the Rails" (from the sushi train itself) or "Off the Rails" (appetizers or specials from the kitchen, from miso soup and edamame to sashimi). For early diners, there is even a A$20 All-You-Can-Eat special, which may be well worth it considering many sushi train restaurants charge an average of A$5 for one item.

There is no simple color-coding here for the price guide; the menu actually describes the designs on the plates and their cargo. For example, the plate with the "small leaf flower on black or red" costs A$5.50, and may hold tuna ceviche nigiri, kingfish leek & chilli nigiri, makimono tuna avocado, philadelphia or dynamite. The dish with "black or gold single lotus" is A$9, and could feature the makimono nixon roll, the burning rainbow roll, or lion roll.

Feeling off my rocker with this glitzy atmosphere and such novel names, I ordered one item "Off the Rails"Kingfish Jalapeno, thinly sliced with yuzu soy, coriander and jalapeno, for A$10-while grabbing another one from "On the Rails"seared salmon enhanced with yuzu.

Sushi Choo
Level G of the Ivy
320 George St., Sydney NSW

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