Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eat Sushi at "Eat Me Sushi" in Newtown, NSW

Located in the artsy district of Sydney in a suburb called Newtown, Eat Me Sushi is one of the many typical deli-style sushi places where the sushi roll is not sliced up (unless requested). The "uncut" roll, as I like to call it, is somewhere between a cut roll and a hand roll; you hold it in your hand and eat it as if it were a mini submarine sandwich, but it's not in the standard conical shape of most hand rolls in the United States. Eat Me Sushi, like some sushi delis, serves the roll to you covered in plastic wrap (other places may hand it to you in a napkin or small brown paper bag). Additional condiments cost extra: wasabi packets and sample-size soy sauce (in miniature plastic fish-shaped squeeze bottles) are 10 cents each; ginger costs 40 cents.

"I might have the chuna," mused a woman pushing a stroller in an authentic Aussie accent as she gazed through the beveled glass at the displayed rolls. Three young guys came in after her and floundered over what to order until I (experienced by now as I was on my third roll) recommended the prawn tempura roll that comes with mayo and lettuce. The lad took my advice and asked for one of those.

Rolls at Eat Me Sushi are fast and cheap, and the service is friendly. The cooked tuna roll (the sign says it comes with cucumber, onion and Japanese mayo, but I think it had avocado instead of cucumber inside it) and the prawn tempura roll were the tastiest, and cost only A$3 apiece; my least favorite was the one called "Vegan Eat Me Roll," which combines tofu with avocado and shallots (I thought the tofu was too plain). Boxed sets of cut rolls, nigiri and inari may also be purchased for A$7 to A$9, depending on the contents.

Eat Me Sushi
258 King St., Newtown NSW

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