Saturday, April 2, 2011

Deli-Style Sushi in Surry Hills, New South Wales

In the Surry Hills suburb of Sydney, both Edona Sushi Noodle Bar and "I Am Sushi" offer up the similar deli style. Unlike Eat Me Sushi, which you walk into and pass the dining area in order to see the display case of rolls, at Edona the dining room is off to the side of the restaurant, so their display case is practically on the sidewalk. Passersby can't help but notice the rows of rolls all neatly categorized by headings like Fusion, Seafood, Meat and Vegetarian. To make things easier, every roll at Edona costs A$3, whether you choose Teriyaki Tuna or Seaweed Cucumber.

Here, the condiments also cost extra. Bowls filled with the little plastic fish-shaped dispensers of soy sauce (these seem to be quite prevalent in Australia), wasabi packets and containers and ginger each indicate the pricefrom 10 cents to 30 cents.

I ordered the Egg Cucumber Roll, which was actually more like an egg salad roll with cucumber inside it. Not the most savory I ever tried, but I had gotten it for novelty, since I had not seen one like it anywhere else. This was the same reason I ordered the Teriyaki Potato roll at nearby "I Am Sushi," because the strangely squarish and mushy-looking roll with avocado inside featured a seemingly soggy and cold blob of fried potato, which made it all the more interesting that they considered this a sushi roll. It was an aberration of a sushi roll, really, not just in style and appearance but in the interesting ingredients. It tasted just like a potato salad, with gooey sushi rice surrounding it. With the teriyaki sauce inside, it really wasn't bad.

Edona Sushi Noodle Bar
101-103 Devonshire St., Surry Hills NSW

I Am Sushi
418 Elizabeth St., Surry Hills NSW


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