Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Over-the-top Sushi Rolls

Meanwhile, some of the zaniest rolls can be found at Sushi Zushi, located inside Dallas’ Turtle Creek Shopping Center. The Tuscany Roll, which unexpectedly mixes sun-dried tomatoes, takuan pickles and cream cheese, is a roll that doesn’t know what it’s trying to be, but it doesn’t taste bad; it is at once sour and sweet, chewy and crunchy.

For a fruity, really sweet twist, there’s always the Strawberry Roll, which has shrimp tempura and masago inside and is colorfully layered with tuna, avocado and strawberry slices on the outside. Kiwi Sauce and Las Vegas Sauce drizzle this eight-piece roll (I learned the kiwi sauce here was actually a kiwi-lime dessert syrup; the Las Vegas Sauce was what they called their spicy mayonnaise).

The Cayman Roll, also over-the-top with its ingredients of imitation crab, habanero-marinated tobiko, seaweed salad, cream cheese, pickled and fresh jalapenos, and honey wasabi sauce, makes your mouth feel as though it’s been stung by the very bee that made the honey in the sauce—it’s a spicy one, all right.

Sushi Zushi
3858 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas

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