Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kenichi Restaurant & Lounge

In Dallas’ downtown district, adjacent to the W Hotel, Kenichi is another trendy hotspot not to be passed up.

Also using the concept of ishiyaki, or the ancient Japanese method of cooking food on a hot stone, Kenichi offers a 12-piece Chef’s Selection of raw meats and mushrooms you can sear on your own with a round rock that has been heated at 1,000 degrees. Bite-sized portions of Akaushi “kobe style” meat, scallop, escolar and shiitake are served with three accompanying seasonings: ponzu sauce, smoked paprika salt, and pink peppercorn sesame salt.

Although the style and presentation were immaculate, the stone could have been bigger considering there were 12 pieces to be cooked, and perhaps there should have been a sliver of butter provided so that the food didn’t stick to the cooking surface (toward the end of the sizzling session, my rock had dwindled in heat and I had to request a second one).

The Jumbo Lump Blue Fin Crab Cake, served with yellow curry-lime and Thai basil emulsions, was a wonderful alternative to having just sushi and sashimi at the bar, although the Hawaiian Roll with blackened yellowtail, pineapple, asparagus, Serrano peppers and soy paper was impressive.

2400 Victory Park Lane, Dallas

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