Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Killer Sushi

With its lethal-sounding name and sharply recognizable logo, Piranha Killer Sushi must make a killing in Downtown Fort Worth, which is just one of its four locations throughout the state. The central joint grows vibrant nightly with tourists, college kids and those just out on the town with its hip ambience and vast martini menu (Cowboytini and 5th Amendment are just two of the tempters on the list).

The “Piranha Signature Rolls” range from the Southwest Roll (Chipotle pesto over a California Roll) to Vietnamese Summer Roll (salmon, tuna, crab, tomatoes, mango, asparagus and other greens wrapped with rice paper). The Sexy Roll is just a bit more insidious than it sounds, since the unanticipated seasonings of cajun powder and chili sauce are so spicy they make you kick up your spurs, but overall the flavors enhance the load of shrimp tempura, crawfish, avocado, mango bits and ginger cream.

Although reminiscent of Florida, where the mollusks abound, the conch sushi here actually hails from Washington. Although fresh as can be, after one bite of the rubbery thing I was wondering what it is that makes me want to order any conch anywhere, and then I remember: I am a tourist from Los Angeles who craves the rarities.

Piranha Killer Sushi
335 W. 3rd Street, Fort Worth

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