Monday, August 4, 2008

Half & Half: Spicy Tuna meets Crab on Crispy Rice


Anonymous said...

There's gotta be a way to insert images into your stories.
I can't believe you took the mint off. What's wrong with you?

Unknown said...

looks yummie, I don't like MINT either! haha

Carrie said... crispy rice..I remember the first time we had it at that place by the Beverly Ctr and they didn't have a name for it so you told them to name it the Rice Crispy Roll! That was so creative!!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Japan for four years and these dishes are straight out of a drunken Robert Heinlein novel: "Strange Fish in a Strange Sea". THE FUTURE OF SUSHI IS IN LA! Were I a man that had eaten half the sushi as this beautiful woman, perhaps I wouldn't be the desperate hungry soul that I am. Although, lucky me, I have eaten fresh squid-belly right off of the dying squid's back in Karatsu. Oh, the presentation. Oishii!! They change colors when you poke them with a hashi, who would have thought?

Much love, thanks for the beautiful pics of sushi. Keep up the good work. It's Matt- the interrupted dude. Take care-