Thursday, October 9, 2008

Niya's Amazing Dynamite Sauce...

All this was not meant to subdue the importance of Niya’s outstanding Dynamite sauce, a mayonnaise-saturated concoction with smelt fish eggs and bits of red chili peppers stirred in. This highly addictive combination is used in many of their rolls—the Tony Special (one of my absolute favorites), the Huntington Beach Roll, and the Lettuce Wrap. I often ask for an extra side of the dynamic Dynamite sauce just so I can overdo it for fun. And then I get sick to my stomach (may I recommend natural Charcoal supplements to take care of the mayo-hangover!) but I know it was well worth it.

The Tony Special contains cream cheese, scallop and asparagus, and is topped with whole Dynamite-sauce-soaked shrimp. Unbelievable! The Huntington Beach Roll, with its scallop and cucumber inside, is still an honorable mention, even with the ever-decreasing portion of Dynamite-sauced king crab flakes on top. And finally, if you really want an extra crunch (lettuce crunch, that is) which is also super-healthy and will definitely offset the effects of the power sauce, order a Lettuce Wrap--only $5.75 each. The crisp, refreshing lettuce cools your tongue as you get burned both by the temperature of the freshly fried shrimp tempura and the flavor of the chili-infused Dynamite sauce.

Niya took over Kiki’s sometime in 2002, and has rocked the joint since then with an even more exciting menu of countless items, all with very colorful and appropriate names. Very clever of them to keep the same Dynamite sauce as Kiki’s once served, I say. When I found out about the takeover, I nearly had a heart attack until I was assured that one of my favorite guilty-pleasure sauces was retained.

Niya is located at 5910 Warner Avenue in Huntington Beach. They can be reached at 714-840-3024.

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Unknown said...

I need to try this sauce, I think I see a Huntington Beach day in my near future.