Sunday, September 21, 2008

Azuki Sushi

Azuki Sushi on Oak Street also loves to incorporate fruit into their sushi dishes. Their Mango Tango roll, which costs $11, is an eel, cucumber and mango roll topped with avocado and…more mango! Eel sauce drips from the top, sweetening the deal. Azuki is yet another restaurant in Minneapolis where I have seen the Boston Roll, which is also as commonly seen on menus in Florida as the California Roll appears on our menus. Hmm…must be a regional thing. The Boston Roll, however, is all about shrimp, lettuce, cucumber and Japanese mayonnaise; whereas the California Roll always combines crab, avocado and cucumber, with mayonnaise and masago sometimes added, sometimes absent altogether. Which makes me wonder if the Boston Roll actually appears on sushi menus in Boston….

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