Monday, March 14, 2016

Introducing UAE's Simple Yet Delicious "Sushi Counter"

With its name stamped across the top in both English and Arabic, Sushi Counter in The Dubai Mall is an adorable little sushi stop with the friendliest staff. Their stylish, sleek black booklet menu reads “Tasti Sushi Quickli” across the top, and they have a simple logo that conjures an egg yolk, or perhaps a piece of hosomaki with orange yamagobo (or is that salmon?) in its center.

The menu promises “A unique approach to Japanese Cuisine,” which sounds trite until you open the booklet and see the variety of tartares, sample-size sashimi, roundish gunkan-style maki, chirashi, and creative rolls. Flip deeper into the menu and you’ll find ceviche and salads, even soups. There is a “lunch specials” section; and platters of sashimi, rolls, or sushi for AED$65 each.

With the vast array of quirky options, it is difficult to choose here: should it be the Salmon Mustard Miso California Roll? Perhaps a roll with smoked salmon, cream cheese and rice cracker bits on it? I decided on the Mango Chutney California Roll for AED$18 (only about $4.90)—because it implied the strangest and most random encounter, a sort of “India Meets California in Dubai” kind of taste experiment, and pistachios and and almonds just happened to be mixed in. It was delightfully fun and twisted, and it tasted like dessert.

The single piece of Sushi Counter's "Crab and Beef Sushi" cost AED$18 (about $4.90 in U.S. dollars), which is a bit pricey considering it's consumed in one bite, but the freshest ingredients and the interesting combination of surf and turf makes it worthwhile. It's chunky, saucy, meaty, and it has black sesame seeds on top. Another winner, in my opinion.

I couldn't pass up the floral and fruity "Tuna Green Apple California Roll," which had tuna, green apple and cucumbers inside, and a smattering of blue flowers rolled onto the exterior. This one cost AED$32 (about $9). The blue flowers, obviously only decorative, had no taste—or perhaps the other flavors took over. I love sushi that marries not only fruit, but flower petals.

Although I only visited Sushi Counter at The Dubai Mall, Sushi Counter actually has multiple locations throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Sushi Counter's staff members are infectiously friendly, ever helpful as they seem to wear perennial beams of contentment. Good food, good service and good vibes...what more could you ask for?

Sushi Counter

The Dubai Mall
Downtown Dubai, UAE

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Abrianne Rossi said...

Would love to try the tuna green apple roll too but haven't gotten around to it yet. I did plan to have it delivered but can't find it on their website. Can you please check?