Saturday, June 27, 2015

Conveyor Belt Sushi, Only ¥108 Per Plate

The conveyor belt sushi scene in Japan can be quite a spectacle: zany fun offered with convenience and affordability.

At the nameless one I visited in Kyoto, it appeared at first glance to be some sort of Internet café. All the diners were seated in front of mini screens, which they poked at from time to time with their fingertips. Then I noticed the moving conveyor belts in front of them, loaded with little plates of goodies: sushi, appetizers, desserts, even juice boxes.

What made this place unique: you could special-order an item from the touch-screen in front of you to have it come out on the same conveyor belt. Then grab your item as it coasts by you. Or, simply sit back and take what you want that’s already riding on the conveyor belt. As always, the bill is based on the number of empty plates at the end of your meal.

Everything off the conveyor belt cost ¥108 (about 87 cents). Items from the side menu ranged from ¥194 to ¥216. It certainly seemed to be a restaurant with a sense of humor, for there were the most unusual sushi: there was the bologna sushi with avocado and onions on top, the “hamburger sushi” (with or without mayonnaise), and even a “Roast pork” sushi. From the side menu, you can order French fries with chocolate syrup drizzled all over them for ¥216.

Just like the purplish pickled eggplants I had sampled in all those food halls and shops, at this restaurant there was pickled eggplant sushi being offered. And although it appeared slimy, the tuna and yamakake (grated mountain yam) sushi was quite unique and didn’t taste as funny as it looked. Another unique one was the okra sushi, served gunkan-style.

Quite simply, this is a fun and cheap way to have sushi. The easily amused can have a blast here.

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