Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eat, Drink and Socialize at TORO Sushi Bar and Lounge

If you want awesome sushi, cool cocktails and a fun atmosphere, then TORO Sushi Bar and Lounge in Pasadena is the place to be. On weekend nights, party on the patio or in the ultra-posh lounge, where loud music blasts and drinks like the Torojito are served.

Having trouble Finding Nemo? Then why not order the cocktail named after the character? If the Pomegranate Martini sounds ordinary, then how about a Cucumber Mintini? With a wide range of cocktails, beer and sake, the bar is ready to serve patrons after—or before—the indulgence at the sushi bar.

One of the most popular sushi rolls at TORO? Not just the Diablo Roll, but the Super version. For $15, the Super Diablo Roll ups the ante, taking the Diablo Roll up a notch by adding tempura langostino to its base—shrimp tempura, crab and veggies—and finished off with unagi sauce and Dynamite sauce. At such a whopping size, it’s ideal for sharing—unless you want all the sweet fried gooeyness to yourself. 

Or you can go with the owner’s favorite, otherwise known as the Greenbay Roll. Salmon, avocado and thinly sliced lemons cover this roll of scallops, crab and vegetables. For diners who happen to be Lakers fans, there is even a Magic Roll called the #32. With spicy crab, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and jalapenos, this special roll is wrapped in eggroll skin and then fried, then covered with sweet eel sauce.

Called the “Moun-10” Roll after the freeway exit of TORO’s other restaurant in Ontario, this specially named roll features spicy tuna, avocado, seared salmon and ono. A unique “Shiro-Miso” cream sauce and pieces of fried garlic sit on top of the Moun-10.

During Happy Hour, appetizers and drinks range from $1 to $7. Not bad, considering the variety—from edamame to Tuna Tataki Carpaccio. Order the “Ontarioll” for $6 (it’s a California Roll topped with white fish tempura and avocado). Or, for $7, you can order the “Roll of the Week,” but it’s a secret—you must ask a server or sushi chef to find out what it is, or just allow yourself to be surprised.

Whatever your experience, make sure you have a “Happy Ending” at TORO Sushi. Served tempura-style, the “Happy Ending” is a super sweet dessert served with the proverbial whipped cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry on the top.

TORO Sushi Bar and Lounge
2675 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena

1520 N. Mountain Avenue, Ontario

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