Friday, August 26, 2011

The Best Muki Hotate is at Masu

Located in the west end of Portland, the contemporary second-story Japanese restaurant known as Masu makes a great stop for sushi. The stylish, modern decor is enhanced by the light shining through the large windows along one wall, if you happen to be in during the daytime.

The Muki Hotate, or Jumbo Scallop, is unbelievably fresh and sweet here. Taking a bite of this soft, heavenly scallop nigiri is like tasting the ocean, or nibbling half fish, half silk. The eight-piece Japanista Roll, for $16, features spicy crab, spicy tuna and sprouts with seared yellowtail and a bright contrast of red jalapeno slices on top. It is served with a Hana sauce and sweet chili sauce.

Dungeness crab, which I've found to be in amazing abundance in Portland, is served at Masu; however, I have yet to find one restaurant in this city which serves it so fresh that it has me swooning, and which doesn't scoop it out of a plastic tub (which suggests it's not shelled in the kitchen but perhaps purchased beforehand from a purveyor). At Masu, I found my Dungeness crab hand roll to be pretty bland, although the avocado and Japanese mayonnaise I had requested to be added gave it a bit more flavor.

406 SW 13th Avenue

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