Friday, June 24, 2011

YO! Sushi of London

While fancy sushi is obviously plentiful in London, fast sushi can be found as well. Offering a speedy, casual and cheap alternative to the traditional and costly sit-down feast in fine dining establishments, Yo! Sushi, with multiple locations in London, is a colorful and fun conveyor belt-style restaurant. Need service? Simply press the button that reads "Help!" in front of you on the bar, and the light-up bubble tube that marks your spot changes color to flag a waiter to your seat. Want fresh sushi that hasn't been sitting there making many a loop around on the sushi train? Hint: Don't grab it from the conveyor belt! Order it from the waiter instead. And there's no need to ask for more water—you have two taps right in front of you, marked "fizzy" or "still." On Mondays, all items off the sushi train are £2.50 a plate.

"YO! To go! Takeaway here!" reads the sign on top of the refrigerated case near the exit. A box marked "Coriander Seared Tuna Sashimi" for £4.50 is one example of the ready-to-go packs, their labels reading "Pick me up!" and "Take me away!" Another box contains edamame, while a third box holds salmon and sushi rolls and nigiri, priced at £5.

Service here is friendly and expedient, and the quality of the food (for the price) is passable enough. I can see patrons being happy with items they grab off the train such as salads, fruits and desserts, but dishes like fried tofu, shrimp tempura rolls, and fried gyozas are bound to be cold and gooey if they've been revolving a while.

Yo! Sushi, London

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Unknown said...

We didn't have enough time to eat sushis in London, but did passed by YO!