Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blue C Sushi

Blue C Sushi, with locations in both Bellevue and Seattle, delivers more of the casual style that is customary of the “conveyor belt” restaurant. On yet another typically rainy day, I sought refuge—and sushi!—inside the Bellevue branch of this up-and-coming sushi chain. Robots are their theme, and for some cute reason I’m sure, little robot action figures can also be picked up off the conveyor belt along with your food.

Another cute gimmick: every month, the restaurant showcases a seasonal sushi roll. In April it was the “Egg Roll,” which suited the Easter theme; in May it was the “Cinco de Mayo” roll, a four-piece softshell crab ensemble with avocado, jalapeno, sprouts, masago, and a tangy red chili sauce.

While Cinco de Mayo still burned in my mouth, I plucked another item off the metal “belt”—a plate of seared tuna sashimi with garlic ginger soy sauce. For $4.25, you get three thick slices of tuna that is seasoned and cooked on the edges, along with their signature house-made dipping sauce. The least pricey plate goes for $1.50; fancier editions like Cinco de Mayo runs you $5.25.

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