Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh, Boy!

Sushi Boy may offer a myriad of maki, from Teriyaki Chicken to Rainbow rolls—but their spicy tuna isn’t so sweet. In fact, compared to Bento-Ya it hardly holds up, but their mulitple locations provide in-your-face convenience, and the rice isn’t bad either. The menus will vary, however, depending on the location—which is a good and bad thing, as we may want the surprise of new items but long for continuity.

For example, the Torrance location is the only one that I’ve seen serve spicy shrimp hand rolls. And the limited-time-only item known as the Shrimp Crunch Roll (featuring panko- as opposed to tempura-battered shrimp) disappeared after a couple of months from the West Covina branch inside the Markuai Supermarket, and as yet has not resurfaced.

But the best feature of Sushi Boy has to be the half-orders (or shall we say, half-rolls) that are sold for less. Four pieces of the California roll, for example, can be purchased for $2.55, as opposed to $4.30 for the entire roll of eight pieces. Most of them are available for half-orders, thereby allowing more sampling of various rolls.

The Sushi Boy in Gardena can be found amid other eateries in the food court of an extra-large Mitsuwa Japanese supermarket, making it almost impossible not to stop by on your way out after a grocery-shopping trip. It’s nothing fancy, this fast sushi—you order it, pay for it and pick it up at the counter; but just like fast food, it’s cheap, convenient, and hits the spot.

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Unknown said...

Ed loves the Sushi Boy location in downtown :) we'll have to try Bento-ya, pretty close to us! I also like the salmon bowl at Taisho in Monrovia.