Friday, February 20, 2009

The prix fixe menu at Sugarfish by Nozawa seems less threatening; at least you get to see that for the fixed price of $22.50 (tax included), you are guaranteed a four-piece cut roll of blue crab, which tastes just as wonderful as that of its sister restaurant. So what if it comes with tuna sashimi, one piece each of yellowtail and albacore sushi, and all you wanted was the blue crab? There are also the Trust Me #2 and Trust Me #3 combos in this three-tiered menu, which simply add more items to the first level such as halibut, shrimp and toro. Thankfully for me, uni is not included in any of these offerings.

At Sushi Park, the blue crab is easier to reach—patrons may have no choice of menu items if they sit at the Omakase bar, but if they sit at a table the minimum order is four items per person. On the plus side, this means you can order four blue crab rolls, allowing for overindulgence on one item (no Nazi-esque restrictions here). Sushi Park’s rolls are also notably heftier, thicker; not so much skimming on the creamy crabmeat at this place. The rice, however, is not quite as sweet as Nozawa’s.

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