Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wait! No Soy Sauce!

You wouldn’t think of ordering a Beef Roll at a restaurant specializing in seafood, but then again you wouldn’t expect such a roll to taste so exceptionally divine, either. It all goes back to the sauces, which Miki creates and combines like an artist mixes paint—she is so passionate about her own flavorings, in fact, that there is even a sign that says “Wait! No Soy Sauce! Try My Own Special Sauces…” I somehow wish all the restaurants would do this, thereby forever ridding of the trite and unimaginative soy sauce, which has been far overused and misused.

Miki’s famous Soy Onion Garlic Sauce soaks into this seared beef carpaccio and shredded Daikon radish-topped roll, the inside of which consists of only avocado and cucumber. It makes sense, since the meat and sauce are so strong in flavor that the balancing side needs to be something simpler, plainer, greener. The Beef Roll costs $16 but tastes like a million bucks.

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